FAQ’s & Terms of Service

Terms Of Service:  
They may not pertain to you and your party but must be agreed too upon reservation. By reserving a Limousine you are automatically agreeing to our terms of Service.
Your reserved time starts at pickup location at agreed upon time for no charge within Spokane city limits. Customers being picked up or dropped off outside Spokane city limits will incur additional charges, please let us know locations when requesting a quote.
The person making the reservation is responsible for Their party’s actions including extra charges due to going over pre-scheduled time, damages to the cars, vomit, smoking in cars and excessive cleaning
Extended time: Limousine service is an Hourly service. Our drivers will do their best to ensure you arrive by reservation end. If we are able to give you more time on the date of service and you go over at no fault of ours whether requested or not due to extenuating circumstances, we have the right to collect amounts owed for the overage.
Breakdowns: We understand that no vehicle is free of a possible breakdown. If one should occur we will do our best to remedy the situation and take care of your party and will only charge for our service up to that point.
Damage to cars: each limousine is inspected for damage prior to departure. If we find damage to the vehicle from your party we have the right to collect from you the amount needed for repair.
Vomit: Any vomit in a car is a minimum of $150 cleaning fee. If seats or bar fixtures need to be removed to get to it all there will be a $250 cleaning fee.
 Smoking in limousines is strictly prohibited and will incur a $150 fee
Excessive Cleaning fee: We get it, limousines get dirty from every customers’ use along with garbage and we clean them. Excessive cleaning applies to beyond normal, spilled drinks, food/gum on seats/carpets. These are luxury vehicles, please treat them as such. Excessive cleaning Can take several hours to even a full day . This fee can range from $250-$500 depending on severity.
Are they an Insured Limo Company?

A limousine company that is properly licensed through the State of Washington has many rules and regulations that they must follow for passenger safety. Before a limousine can be licensed, it must pass a thorough safety and visual inspection by the Washington State Patrol. The limousine company must also provide proof they have a very high level of insurance, which is required for passenger safety. Typical personal or commercial insurance will not cover passengers who hire a limousine service. Unfortunately, many companies in our area do not properly license or insure all of their passenger vehicles.

How would we truly know if they are licensed?

The first sign is a cheap price. By not following the rules and not having the proper insurance, they can give you an artificially low rate. For your safety, ask any limousine service to email you their “Limousine Carrier Permit”, their state issued UBI number, and proof of current/active insurance which is called an insurance declaration. They must provide proof for the specific limousine they are offering you, not another limousine they might have licensed and insured! All vehicles they are renting must be properly licensed and insured, not just one vehicle in their fleet. Spokane Legacy Limousine will always provide this proof immediately, it’s your right to know your limousine service is properly licensed and insured and is not cutting corners to maximize profits at their passengers expense. Even if the company is licensed with a limousine carrier permit and can show insurance proof, you still need to confirm they have the proper sticker from the Washington or Idaho State Department of Licensing which can be found to the left of the rear license plate. Please be aware, hummers and other buses or limousines that carry MORE than 14 passengers MUST have a valid DOT number up towards the front passenger doors. You may also ask for the DOT number over the phone and do a search online to confirm this specific vehicle is properly licensed. We have seen hummers with a limo carrier sticker near the back license plate, but these are not the correct license for a passenger vehicle which carries 14 or more passengers — these companies are just trying to dupe law enforcement. We have also seen two SUV limousines in Coeur d’ Alene which hold 20 or more passengers who have expired DOT licenses under a closed business name, and these licenses have been expired for several years. These companies are still carrying passengers around — can you imagine the others corners they may be cutting to profit at their customers expense? Your family and friends are very important to us, please do your research before hiring a limousine service. We will always be up-front about what is required to safely transport our clients to and from some of your most important moments in life.

We hired a company that told us they were giving us a certain limo and when they arrived, the limo was different. How do we know what we are getting?

Legitimate local Spokane limousine services will provide pictures of their actual cars and current condition of their cars on their website so you have peace of mind you know what the vehicle will look like when it arrives. If, on the limousine companies website, or social media the vehicle photos appear to be too generic or overly produced, they may be stock photos they’ve purchased or taken from other websites on the Internet. Before selecting a limousine service, ask them to confirm the photo of the vehicle you’re hiring is the same vehicle and condition as what you will see when you’re picked up by the vehicle you are paying for — it’s your right to get the exact vehicle you hired! Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many Spokane and Coeur d’ Alene limousine companies who use photos of cars that they don’t own. Many times the car that arrives has major body damage and is in very poor condition, while the photos they claim are of their cars show them as being in perfect condition. Some of these tactics are also used by middle-man companies that hook you with nice photos, but they book the service with a third-party limo company since they don’t actually own any vehicles. When dealing with these types of “bookers”, be aware the third-party companies limos most likely look nothing like what you’ve seen on the “booking service” website. Spokane Legacy Limousine maintains a photo galley of all of our limousines and these photos reflect each vehicles current condition. If you choose a specific limo, that limo will be the one you see when it arrives at the time of pickup, unless we give you a free upgrade and you agree to it. On occasion there could be an issue out of our control with the limousine you booked, but you would know this in advance. No matter what, we will go above and beyond to ensure our guests are taken care of properly and you’re satisfied with your limo and our service.

Why do you have minimums on certain cars or occasions?

Legacy Limousine wants to ensure your limo experience is better than you expected, therefore, we do not run limos like taxi cabs. Every customer will step into a deep cleaned and restocked car with beverages to ensure you have an exceptionally clean car. On certain days or events we wont cut corners on you by overbooking clients and you end up with a dirty car or a late limousine. When it comes to weddings and our new Chrysler 300 limousine we do have a minimum number of hours that must be booked so we can offer exceptional service. Just like some catering companies will require a minimum head count, or a photographer charges a certain amount for their services to photograph your wedding, we too require a 3 hour minimum reservation for the very best limousine on the West Coast for all weddings. Also, during prom season, we have a minimum number of booking hours due to several thousand prom-goers and not enough limousines in town to transport them during an approximate two week period of time. It’s very important that we make sure we take care of your friends, family and children while providing the best possible experience, which means we cannot just drop off one group, then immediately pickup another group because the vehicle needs to be thoroughly cleaned, washed, fueled and inspected for safety. We want to make sure your kids are safe throughout the night, so we will not book multiple groups in one limousine on the same night. We believe in safety, reliability, and accountability.

Why are limos in Spokane higher priced than Vegas or Los Angeles?

Spokane is a very different market than those large cities. There are fewer customers renting limos in our area, and the legitimate companies in Spokane pay a lot higher prices for insurance due to the lack of choices of livery insurance in Washington State. There are only a few insurer’s who are allowed to insure for-hire limousines in Washington State, which drives the cost of our insurance much higher. A lack of competition with insurance providers, while still demanding stringent licensing and insurance regulations, along with fewer number of potential passengers, are the main reasons why rates are much higher in the Spokane region.

Is Sales Tax added to the total charges?

NO. Our industry does not collect sales tax for services rendered. We do know some of these “cheap” rate limo runners do offer a lower price but then of course adds gratuity, then a fuel surcharge, Tax (which is not a legal practice) etc. By the time you are done paying all these extras that they don’t tell you about until its too late, you would probably be paying less for a limo with us. Our rates are listed on our website for your convenience to help you plan your event with the use of a limousine. If you have been charged sales tax by a limo company in Spokane in the past and have the receipt showing it please visit the Dept of Revenue Tax Fraud website to report it so they do not continue to fraudulently collect more money from people like you.

Is Gratuity to your chauffeur a Tip?

No. Because of the reasons previously listed, your chauffeur is a private contractor and this is what they earn for their time with you.  Tips are always greatly appreciated but Never expected

Do you offer Military discount?

Yes. As an Army Veteran of 15 years I know how appreciated a discount for our service is. And as a business owner I will continue this tradition as I too appreciate your service to our country. With Military ID or another form showing you are a veteran of the armed forces we offer a 10% discount. Some will offer you a 10% discount but then charge you nearly 10% tax which is not only illegal but they do it just so they don’t actually have to give you a discount as many of us in Washington are accustomed to paying sales tax — they figure you won’t even question it.

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